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Hey there!

I would like to introduce myself (Rubia Naseem) and my digital partner cum husband (Syed Abuthahir) in this blog. I will be telling you the story of how we started and discovered digital marketing to pursue our career😃😃!!!

We both started our journey in 2017 with a passion in digital marketing and travel..As a couple, we talked a lot about digital innovations, how to teach people to make money online and almost everything related with “DIGITAL MARKETING”

Though dimmy (his nickname😊😊) was busy with his full-time job, he tried to keep helping and guiding me with the best support he can offer.

One of the best moments in my life was getting my first cheque for content writing. Yes!! I was so thrilled to work as a Content Specialist for my first client where I got a cheque of 100$. It was right after my college was over. It was a memorable and proud moment.

After then, it was definitely not a smooth journey as I need to manage my freelance job, my MBA studies and take care of my family. But the time I spent for molding myself was worth it! It transformed me into a different person and I love the way I see things now!

In 2017, I and dimmy got married with the blessings of all. He is basically a Software Engineer working in an MNC Company. He had a great passion in AFFILIATE MARKETING where he had his own company named “FLIPSHOPS”

Cool isnt😊😊?

Both of our passion led us to start our own company “MARKETICK”, a performance based digital marketing based in Chennai. It was more of a virtual company where we are able to handle over 50+ clients in various niche.

As usual, I never limit my dreams😬😬!!

As per my wish, we started a healthcare digital marketing company “CAMRY HEALTHCARE” where we focus on helping doctors, cosmetic clinics, fitness centers and other healthcare companies for growing their business via the digital marketing platform.

We are successful too! We are the proud digital marketing partner for World Dental Association. We had the opportunity to go to Malaysia for the conference conducted by WDA 2019.

Our passion has really taken us on a great journey! We want you to follow your dreams and never look back anytime.

We want to share our acquired knowledge with our community, inspire people and follow their dreams.

Life is just one time, so live to the fullest😇😇😇

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