Sastha Catering Offers Home Catering Services during this Pandemic

The coronavirus is spreading in India like wildfire and most of the restaurants that serve varieties of hot and spicy foods and snacks are pulling down their shutters under the government directives. Like all other industries, even hospitality sectors that were growing leaps and bounds are seeing unprecedented setbacks due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

The Revamp of the Business Model in Hospitality Industry

Considering the seriousness of the diseases and social spread reputed caterers who are at the forefront in the hospitality industry have redesigned their business models according to the actual needs of the customers.

“Sastha caterers which have decades of experience are now offering comprehensive home catering services at best prices.” 

Sastha Catering: Best Choice to Choose for Home Catering Services

Sastha which is always in the forefront in customer satisfaction will henceforth strictly follow:

•    Social distancing and contactless services norms set by the local government

•    Healthy and hygienic home catering service practices

•    Rules and regulations framed by governing bodies, police authorities, and law enforcement bodies.

•    Comprehensive sanitization methods

How Sastha Catering follows the Corona Protocols?

Customers can utilize their home catering services for wedding, engagement, birthday, naming, and all other ceremonies. Sastha that has won plenty of coveted awards has an experienced team of disciplined, obedient, and knowledgeable chefs, cutlery experts, servers, and maids.

“The team will wear masks and gloves and serve hot beverages, soft drinks, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner promptly and come up to the expectations of the hirers.”

It is imperative to note that Sastha catering that has worked closely with hundreds of wedding planners, organizers, and families in the past will prepare traditional vegetarian foods using time-tested methods. 

If you are longing to serve lip-smacking, mouthwatering, and tasty south Indian vegetarian foods to your relatives, friends, guests, and family members then turn your head toward Sastha caterers and hire them immediately without giving a second thought. They will excel in all fronts and build closer professional ties with the customers. 

Sastha is managed by a team of members who have dedicated their maximum time and energy to catering services. 

Why Should You Hire Sastha Catering Services?

Sastha caterers began their catering services several years back with a vision and mission to serve high quality traditionally prepared foods to all the customers. This company which has an expansive network in Chennai has tie-up with leading florists, transporters, traders and suppliers and supply, and logistic firms. Wedding planners can conduct the marriage hassle-free since sastha caterers will take care of the food supply until such time the function culminates successfully.

It is worth noting that sastha that offers professional home catering services at the cheapest prices will prepare unique and delicious menus for the following functions and deliver the same promptly before the start of the function. 

•    Virutham

•    Janavasam

•    Muhurtham

•    Nelangu

•    Reception

•    Special dinner

Sastha that house expert chefs will prepare high-quality traditional sweets using branded ghee and other organic ingredients. Hirers will get maximum information about the mouthwatering sweets prepared by this firm when they explore the gallery. They should also explore testimonials and blogs before exploring other topics. 

Why Sastha Caterers is the Best?

Sastha which stays aloft in customer management and satisfaction prepares food using branded cooking oils that are free from dangerous and toxic chemicals. Chefs working here will never use coloring agents, dangerous preservatives, and cancer-causing ingredients while preparing tasty south Indian foods. 

Senior chefs will use only RO treated water during the process of cooking. Servers and others working in sastha will wear clean and tidy uniforms, caps, masks, gloves, and sanitize the dining area before serving hot and spicy foods on a banana leaf. Supervisors will attend to your call and also monitor the activities of servers and suppliers. 

Sastha catering services will always strive hard to surpass the expectations of the customers. People who hire this catering service for seemantham and other religious ceremonies can raise their grievances and complaints through proper channels and get proper resolution quickly. 

They have worked with prestigious and reputed clients and management will understand the actual requirements of the customers and work out a winning strategy. Executive members will pay a short visit during the function and take note of all the activities sincerely. Customers can save a lot of money, time, and energy when they hire the services of sastha caterer. It is a fact that sastha is the best Home Catering Service in Chennai since it has teamed-up with plenty of customers in the recent past. 

Caterers carry distinctive personality traits and unmatchable skills

Managers, supervisors, servers, and others will think everything from the customers’ point of view and prepare wonderful strategies. Hirers will like their habits, serving skills, familiarity, and tactics and guide them till the function culminates successfully. The entire workforce will never be under the influence of alcohol, smoke, and use abuse languages and follow the rules and regulations set out by the wedding organizers. They will arrange the menu professionally, spread the tables and chairs inside the dining hall properly, take care of the food requirements of the guests and visitors, and responsibly play their role. They will address guests’ and visitors’ food and snack requirements then and there and build the best rapport with them. 

This topnotch Catering Service in Chennai that has a lovely team of workers will leave no stones unturned.

Hirers will derive the utmost mental satisfaction and exit from the wedding hall with extreme joy after conducting the marriage successfully.

If you are in urgent need of a reputed caterer contact

Sastha catering services, 

New No 14; Old No 101, 

AVM Avenue,

4th Street, Virugambakkam,

Chennai 600092

+91 98401 44561, 9962919460

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