Know About Me- Social Syed

I’m Syed also called Social Syed. I’m a Senior Software Engineer and a Digital Marketing Consultant by passion. Back in 2014, I got the idea of creating a platform and sell different products on my own website.

I started to dig into Affiliate Marketing and understood the whole concept of how it works. I initially created a website named “Flipshops” where I listed various affiliate products from Flipkart, Amazon, Clickbank, etc.

I shared with my friends, colleagues and social media platforms. It took around 3 months to gain steady web traffic and the product selling was quite good.

My affiliate sales became to grow and I started to explore new tools including Email Marketing, Facebook Paid Campaigns, SEO and Blogs. It was huge to learn as there were many areas to focus while doing the campaigns, writing blogs, etc. I kept working simultaneously managing my online business.

In 2015, I started to explore the Google Adwords, Google Digital Marketing and I got the final certification in 2 months. I kept working with other projects including job consultancy and content writing.

In 2017, I was married and I and my wife (Rubia) started the company named “Marketick”. We had a rough journey with the clients we handled as many of them didn’t understand the real concept of Digital Marketing. We ensured to give them timely reports, dedicated support and good results on their business. We decided the revamp the company with new strategies and funnel based techniques for our clients.

We had been successful with offering good leads to many clients including Shelter Beach Resort, SRR Developers, Last Resort, Zeenath Taj Gardens, The Medical Park and much more.

The journey was not simple but it was truly worth spending😅😅

I’m happy to grow many people’s business via the powerful Digital Marketing platform. Right now, I have started to help many students who are interested to pursue digital marketing as their career.

If you are really interested in digital marketing, do follow your passion and it will definitely reach you great heights.

Thanks for reading our blog.


Syed Abuthahir

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